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  • We will provide a free security assessment to your small business. Learn particular vulnerabilities where security services can safeguard your property, personnel and investment. Find out how managed security services can end up saving you money.
  • Spyder Security, LLC. has combined more than 10 years of experience in the Security Industry. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, attention to detail and customer service. We use modern technology to provide superior protection to private and small commercial interests all over the Denver, Colorado metro area.
  • Spyder Security, LLC. specializes in the security needs of the Cannabis industry. Manage property access, monitor after-hours and provide legitimacy to law enforcement with managed security services. The Retail marijuana industry is at higher risk for theft and robbery, professional security mitigates that risk.

Managed Security Services

Personalized login access to our digital reporting systems puts you in the driver’s seat.

Spyder Security utilizes mobile devices to manage daily reports and track activity. We report to our clients daily. These reports include every incident that occurs, how it was handled, by whom, etc., with special reports for injuries, damage, and emergencies.

With our digital reporting system, we can add photos and video as incidents occur, and forward it directly to our clients in real time.

Get your own personalized login to access our security system and get real-time information about the security of your property or business.

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Training Excellence

We are one of the best trained private security companies in Denver. Our training program is comprehensive and includes includes a required 40 hour classroom course. Requiring state licensing, background checks and routine drug screening ensure our staff are the best.

Highly-trained Professionals

Spyder Security requires aspiring security professionals to complete a mandatory 40 hour classroom course and pass the written exam with a score of 85% or higher. This comprehensive training covers
  • Safe non-lethal weapons handling
  • Legal procedure related to search and seizure and the power to arrest
  • Public relations and public safety
  • Threat assessment for any possible emergency such as handling bomb threats
Basic security rating enables guard to carry non-lethal weapons. Standard issue includes: one large can of mace, high powered flashlight, handcuffs, and a baton stick.

Armed Security Requirements

In addition to the mandatory classroom requirements, attaining armed guard status requires candidates attend training mandated by the State of Colorado. Spyder Security armed personnel are required to
  • Hold required licenses, permits and certifications required by the State of Colorado
  • Pass an FBI criminal background check
  • Attend regular training and practice sessions at a shooting range
  • Pass a psych evaluation

Drug-Free Workplace

All Spyder employee, not just guards, must pass a pre-employment drug screening and background check.

In addition to pre-employment screening, Spyder Security conducts random drug screenings on its employees.

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