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Crime against Marijuana Businesses

marijuana business crime

Crime in Colorado Marijuana Businesses

The rate at which crime is being perpetrated at Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver is becoming an alarming situation and this is specifically aimed at cash-based marijuana businesses.

Quite recently in Colorado, a thief disguised as a delivery man played a fast one on marijuana shop staff spraying them pepper and swiftly ransacked the store making away with some good money.

Another case reported a thief in Denver region, breaking through the wall of a marijuana dispensary with an ax, attacking the safe vault with a saw. This lucky thief made away with more than $10,000 after threatening the shop counterman with a pistol. That wasn’t enough for this hit as his accomplice made way to the backside of the store and loaded up a bag with more than $12,000 worth of high-quality pot.

While Denver Crime Down, Marijuana Businesses still at Risk

Denver crime statistics are on the decline overall, however, that is not the case with marijuana businesses. One major cause for the rise in crime targeting the cannabis industry is federal banking regulations that prevent marijuana businesses from accessing the commercial banking industry, thus limiting cash security for these operators. They are simply a business with cash on the table and this is an attractive lure for thieves to take advantage of.

Because pot remains a schedule I drug with tight federal restrictions, banks refuse services to dispensaries, leaving them cash-based and vulnerable, and a lure for lawbreakers who like the notion of unguarded counting stores. Crime against the Cannabis industry reportedly costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars on weekly basis, and put lives and property at risk.

Records show about 325 marijuana establishments in Denver and most of them hold several licenses. At the same time, there have been around 319 break-ins and 10 robberies reported by these firms in the last 2 years, according to police statistics.

Protecting your Marijuana Business in Colorado

The banking regulations as well as lingering societal attitudes about marijuana consumption will ensure that Colorado pot businesses remain a target for the foreseeable future. Though measures have been taken by some of these marijuana dispensaries in Denver with regards to installing alarms and surveillance cameras for security, this might not be adequate protection for many locations. Thieves have become increasingly bold and inventive using anything from elaborate rouses to con employees up to tunneling underneath floors

Since police resources are limited and not likely to be on the premises when something happens, the best solution is to rely on accredited security companies in the Denver area that specialize in providing security for marijuana businesses. This is the essence of a successful business for any serious marijuana dispensary in Denver. Store owners should seek an experienced security firm, such as Spyder Security, that have the wherewithal, resources, equipment and manpower to scare off these criminals.

Employing the right security company service at your marijuana store will help reduce many risks at your Denver area cannabis business. Security protects your property, business and your assets, as well as your employees and staff.

A professional security service is the only SOLUTION for this problem and will help bring peace of mind to the marijuana business sector in Colorado. Protect your Denver marijuana dispensary business today with the right security firm with experience in the industry and you will be saving your vault, money, weeds and enterprise!

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