Armed Security Guards

When You Need to Consider Armed Security Guards

One of your Biggest Concerns as a business owner is security. You may choose to consider armed security in situations that involve large amounts of cash, when direct threats occur, or in the terrifying event of workplace violence. Trained security personnel are trained to respond to terrorist threats or the threat of violence from a terminated employee. The security experts may also respond to some industrial hazards.

Armed security may be the best option to protect and deter crime in many types of businesses. An armed guard can be plain-clothed with a firearm concealed or uniformed. They require a valid concealed carry weapon permit, background checks and special training and licensing by the State of Colorado to operate as an armed security professional. Our Denver security company can consult with any type of Colorado business to discuss your security options. We offer a free consultation and can offer helpful suggestions to better protect your business.

Armed Security in Denver has Strict Requirements

Our guards are physically fit to meet the needs of incident response and are properly trained to disarm suspects and maintain evidence for law enforcement. In addition to complete background checks, attaining armed rating with Spyder Security requires a psychological evaluation, regular practice time at a shooting range and annual requalification.

Schedule a security assessment and gain valuable insight into your particular security challenges with one of our expert Denver security consultants. The appointment is free, there is no obligation.