Commercial Security Services

Ultimately managing your business, facility or property is a 24/7 job and unexpected events occur every day. Having Spyder Security, LLC. Denver security officers on site will help you prevent some of these incidents or security concerns from affecting your Denver business. Our commercial security services check those areas that are a security concern and provide you with updated and comprehensive information daily.

Why choose Commercial Security Services?

Commercial security services are ideal for shopping malls, plazas and retail stores, and all places where vandalism, or theft is a concern. Office buildings also benefit from On-site security personnel. Spyder Security Staff can monitor doors and points of entry and control access to a building’s interior. At warehouses or industrial buildings, we can ensure all areas of the building are locked and secure. We can also make sure no unwanted persons are on the property and document and report suspicious activity to the authorities and our clients immediately.

Excellence in the Commercial Security Industry

With over 10 years of combined experience in the security industry, Spyder Security, LLC. can keep any client safe. We provide on-site security guards for all types of situations. We provide our clients peace of mind. Contact our professional team today for a free consultation.

Comprehensive Training in Commercial Security

Spyder Security, LLC. trains personnel to protect your property and assets. We require all of our security employees to complete a 40-hour classroom training course and to pass a written exam with s grade of 85% or higher. This exam tests them on safe use of non-lethal weapons, arrest laws, search and seizure laws, public relations, public safety threats and officer safety.

Commercial Security Services Offer Real-time Management of your Account

We use mobile devices to manage our reports and track activity, and reports are sent to our clients daily.

Get your own individual login to your security dashboard to our live management system. Spyder Security reports will include every incident that occurs on your property, how it was handled and other important details. With this digital reporting system, we add photos or videos to your account as incidents occur and forward it to our clients directly, in real time. All of our clients receive their own user name and password in order to view reports of our commercial security services activity at any time.

Advanced Training for Armed Guards

Armed employees of Spyder Security, LLC. attain armed guard status by completing all of the requirements of The State of Colorado. They must also pass a FBI background check and random drug screenings are required for all of our security employees.

Our commercial security services personnel are qualified and well-trained to prevent crime and create a safe environment in your Colorado business. On-site security guard service provides a deterrent to potential criminals and protection of your assets.