Marijuana Business Security

Why Cannabis Business Security is so Important

Cannabis business security at Denver dispensaries is increasingly important due to crime rates associated with the growing Colorado marijuana business. Spyder Security, LLC provides alternatives to on-site physical security when a client has limited needs or budget issues. Some Cannabis dispensaries in Denver are so secure the need for physical security is low, but professional cannabis business security services can still offer added peace of mind.

After-Hours Patrol for your Cannabis Business

When a Denver security team patrol occurs after hours at your dispensary, extraction facility or other cannabis business, you are covered within a specific neighborhood or route. Security staff will check parking lots, doors and windows to confirm that they are secure and there are no signs of forced entry or vandalism. Sharing these services with other businesses within a geographic area keeps costs low. No site is so secure that and someone can’t get in if they are determined. This means that cement walls, fencing and steel-reinforced doors can still be vulnerable. This is the benefit of a collective security patrol that checks the area during non-business hours.

Spyder Security Has Alternatives for any Budget

A security patrol is a cost effective alternative to onsite security. Spyder Security, LLC. has a combined 10 years of experience in the security industry. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients safe, and require our employees to complete a 40-hour classroom training course and pass an exam with a grade of 85% or higher. We train our staff on search and seizure, pepper spray, power to arrest, non-lethal weapons, office safety and public relations.

Other duties our security officers perform are:

  • Responding to suspicious vehicles in parking lots
  • Investigating alarm calls
  • Contacting towing companies for parked cars in lot after hours
  • Contacting law enforcement or fire department if needed.