Marijuana Security Company

Why Do You Need a Marijuana Security Company

The risk to Colorado property and safety has grown over the last several years in terms of dispensaries in Denver and Colorado. These facilities are being robbed at high rates. Between 2011 and 2013 alone, there were 317 burglaries and 7 robberies reported. This equates to a rate of about 50%, meaning each dispensary in Colorado can expect to be robbed once every two years. Dispensary security guards can provide your marijuana business protection from this occurring. As your marijuana security company, rest assured our personnel have law enforcement training or extensive military training as mandated by the state. They are trained to deal with stressful, emergency situations and can ensure your employees and your assets are protected 24/7.

Advantages to Choosing a Local Marijuana Security Company

There are many advantages to having a professional marijuana security company to protect your personnel and property in Denver. Professional security guards know how to deal with emergency situations, they can monitor on-going issues for dispensary management and can strategize ways to keep personnel and assets protected. Not only does this keep everyone safe, but it also helps to legitimize your establishment to law enforcement and other critics in the public. Whether armed or unarmed, these security guards are trained to secure marijuana businesses and production facilities. The most qualified security officers are selected from our roster of employees to provide a first class solution to maintaining a safe environment in and around your establishment.

A Marijuana Security Company Offers More Than a Tough Impression

Our guards are trained to protect property and personnel, perform various intake duties, verify guest identification, handle vendors, monitor doors, enforce the law in parking areas and to resolve any inquiries from law enforcement concerning the establishment. All of our employees must complete a 40-hour classroom training course and pass an exam with 85% or higher. This test includes weapons and pepper spray training, search and seizure, power to arrest, public relations and officer safety. All armed employees must hold armed guard status by completing the required training of the State of Colorado and must pass a FBI background check. Random drug screenings are performed to ensure our marijuana security company is in full legal compliance. All unarmed employees carry handcuffs, high power flash light, mace and a baton stick.

Experience You can Trust in a Marijuana Security Compnay

With over 10 years in the security industry, Spyder Security, LLC. we know our success depends on keeping our customers safe. We provide on-site guards with customers ranging from private businesses, government facilities, community organizations and warehouse facilities. We report to our clients on a daily basis and offer access to our live system. Our reports include any incidents that occurred and a recap of how it was handled as well as special reports on damage, injuries or any emergencies. Our digital reporting system adds video and photos in real time. Our clients have a username and password to access our security system 24/7.